Classic Car Restorations - Our Passion!

Alpine Eagle has established a worldwide reputation for classic car restoration including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lagonda, Hispano Suiza, Berliet and Bugatti to name just a few!

For well over forty years now, Alpine Eagle has been involved in the finest classic car restoration projects; with many of these cars going on to win at the world's most prestigious Concours events and when sold, very often making record prices. Alpine Eagle restored cars have also been driven for huge distances at considerable speeds in rallies and touring events across the world.

Visit our Notable Restorations page to see some of our classic car restoration projects and view the work that was done on them.

If you have a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a Bugatti, or any other marque of classic car and you wish to undertake restoration work, we would be delighted to talk to you and discuss your requirements in more detail - we look forward to helping you with your classic car restoration.

Alpine Eagle, for award winning, classic car restorations.

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