Alpine Eagle are sad to announce that one of our dearest friends and customers, Bill Borchert Larson, died towards the end of July 2006. We offer our sincere condolences to Bill's family and friends, and below is a tribute to Bill and his great love of Rolls-Royce cars
61XJ. 1929 Short Chassis, HJ Mulliner Weymann bodied Phantom II
First for Elegance and First in Class at Annual RREC Rally 2004
61XJ was finished Friday 18th June 2004 and then driven on Saturday to Boughton House for the Annual RREC Rally (and part of the Rolls-Royce centenary celebrations). The car looked magnificent and we had great fun entertaining a constant stream of enthusiasts and admirers. We talked ourselves hoarse!

The car's owner, Bill Borchert Larson, seen relaxing at the rally on the left, was absolutely delighted that so many people were so enthusiastic about his beautiful car and the exceptional quality of its restoration. In fact, he enjoyed himself so much he will be back next year and intends to take it to Pebble Beach as well.
61XJ's previous owner (of 15 years) was with us when the awards were given, he told us that he had been apprehensive about seeing the car again, especially after a complete rebuild, but that had been overwhelmed when he saw it and completely overwhelmed when it won.
All in all a fabulous weekend and an uneventful but enjoyable return journey.
Alpine Eagle has completely rebuilt 61 XJ to show winning condition in ten months. Other cars can take a little longer because they may also need repairs to the wood frame and or a new aluminium skin so, if you have a car that needs restoring to the highest possible standard and without and inordinate delay, then please get in touch, we would love to help you.

This most interesting Art Deco car has already been mentioned in our piece on the workshop, and has been completely dismantled and rebuilt retaining as much of its patina as is consistent with total reliability. Our customer is a regular on the international rally scene and will require to do tremendous mileages in it.

The Weymann body is one of the most significant developments of the the vintage era, it was so comfortable and quiet after a tourer but not plagued by squeaks and rattles that dogged the all aluminium saloons of that era. it was also lighter and faster. 61XJ ranks as a most sporting incarnation of this type of body, having only four lights, no provision for luggage and two, rear mounted spare wheels.

The new owner Bill Borchert Larsen deserves great credit for having this car rebuilt faithfully to its orginal specification. It is a model that is often overlooked yet vitally important historically. Bill has also had Motor Historica research the car's history and short resume appears below.

Work is nearing completion and it is hoped that the car will appear at this year's National Rally where we would be delighted to meet those interested and show them the car.

Alpine Eagle restoring 61XJ. 1929 Short Chassis HJ Mulliner Weymann bodied Phantom II
Wood veneer being redone
Waiting for wings after radiator overhaul
Roy re-trimming the seats
Complete overhaul of engine
Wood veneer being redone
Lights being re-silvered
61XJ before restoration
Bill's other great love was this 1913 Ghost which Alpine Eagle restored and maintained so Bill and his friend could drive it all over Europe when they were visiting the UK.