About Alpine Eagle

Founded over forty years ago by John Hodson and his original partner, Roy Partridge, Alpine Eagle specialise in the restoration of the finest coach-built collectors’ cars and from the start our approach has been uncompromising quality, our aim being to restore customers’ cars to original and as near perfect condition as is possible.

FrBlg-13cm.jpgIn the early years there were only a limited number of restoration companies and the skills necessary to achieve really high standards were rare. John and Roy had to learn every aspect of the work themselves and be able to offer a complete service

This is still true today with most work being undertaken in house - from complete mechanical restoration of the chassis, the engine and drive train to all electrical work

Coachwork restoration is a different matter and demands much more of its craftsmen, both in manual dexterity and specialist knowledge. Each of the great coachbuilders had their way of doing things. These were the trademarks of a group of companies who are widely regarded as having produced some of the most beautifully made and elegant cars of all time. We attach enormous importance to maintaining every bit of the character and style of each different coachbuilder’s work in their restorations we believe that it must be possible to easily identify these highly individual characteristics rather than be able to tell that Alpine Eagle have restored the car! To be able to do this requires an encyclopaedic knowledge of largely undocumented history and takes a great deal of time and a passionate commitment

Alpine Eagle today consists of a small, closely knit team. We always have at least one major restoration project on the go as well as a variety of smaller jobs which can vary from bare metal re-sprays, engine overhauls, re-trims, new carpets, hood or headlining replacements to annual servicing

Wksp4320.jpgWe aim to have developed a bond of friendship and trust with our customers by the time the work is completed, so that plans can be made for the ongoing maintenance of their car in order to keep it in pristine condition over the coming years

Although rare or important cars will command a high price, almost regardless of condition, most will not. There is an enormous difference in value between a classic car that is ‘tired’ and one that can be shown to be in tiptop condition, having been maintained or rebuilt by Alpine Eagle. Also remember that the very best maintained cars are much easier to sell too; so having your car restored and or maintained by Alpine Eagle is the best possible way of securing its value!

Alpine Eagle are that bit different as well

  • we have more than forty years of continuous experience of winning at major classic car events, whether it be a Louis Vuitton or Pebble Beach Concours or an RREC rally
  • customers come to us from all over the world because they know that they will get the best restoration work at a fair and honest price
  • most of our customers have become our friends; indeed those that do not need anonymity will happily provide testimonials as to their dealings with the company
  • we rely much less on subcontractors than many restorers and those we do use have been with us for many years, their work is top class and we look after them well
  • but most importantly of all, the coachwork, trimming, painting and all mechanical rebuilds are done by our own, Alpine Eagle, craftsmen

So if you have a car that needs restoration work to the highest standards whether it be servicing, mechanical rebuild, re-trimming or re-spraying, you can trust our team at Alpine Eagle to provide you with an excellent service and deliver real value for money

Alpine Eagle, for award winning, classic car restorations.