Who's who

John Hodson and Roy Partridge were the founding partners of Alpine Eagle.

Sadly, Roy died suddenly in 2007 and John now continues to run the company with a small but dedicated team.

John is proud to say, “It is our incomparable skills that have made Alpine Eagle one of the finest and most respected restorers of Rolls Royce, Bentley and all vintage cars today. In a world that shows increasing disrespect for this type of work, we have honed our abilities to standards that meet, or even exceed, those of the people who originally made the cars.”

John Hodson:

Co-founder of Alpine Eagle from the very beginning. John has guided and managed the workshop team from the beginning. Always striving to achieve perfection he is a great role model. As well as being a fountain of knowledge supplying details of original type fittings and styles he is also the key member of the Alpine team. A keen classic and vintage car enthusiast and musician John can often be found touring around the local countryside in a car from his collection. Specialities include, mechanical aspects, electrical and wiring, upholstery and trim work and general preparation of cars.

Steve Taylor:

Steve Joined us mid 2003 seeking to complete a modern apprenticeship. After hard study and work input he was rewarded with competing Nvq 2 and 3 as a motor vehicle technician. A keen interest in vintage vehicles of varying types always ensures he has a project on the go! He can always be found near something mechanical! A key part of the alpine team. Specialities include all mechanical aspects, Wiring and electrics, Welding and fabrication and show and rally preparation.

Ben Somerfield:

Ben Joined us in late 2004 having completed his training with the Volkswagen group and now has a broad and varied understanding of mechanical knowledge. A keen amateur photographer and motorcyclist Ben can often be found riding the twisty welsh mountain roads and surrounding areas! He is a key part of the team. Specialities include, paintwork, Mechanical aspects, precision jobs, fitting up, show and rally preparation.