Model:4¼ litre
Year of Manufacturer:TBA
Chassis No.:TBA
Coachwork:Park Ward
Body Style:Standard Steel Saloon

Latest Update:

May 2015 - after a lengthy hibernation / restoration period we have been commissioned to complete the works required to get this handsome car ready for gentle touring use; todate we have completed the wiring, fitted the dashboard and instruments and finished reassembling the bodywork etc; we have inspected and cleaned sludge traps and sump; cleaned and primed the oil system; replaced the HT system and lubricated the bores prior to starting the engine; we have also stripped and freed off all the braking system; with the re-commissioning process nearly complete we have the car running quite sweetly; we are now awaiting a new headlining and carpet set before heading out for an MOT test and road testing

​December 2015 - all works now completed; new headlining and carpet set fitted; wooden cappings refinished as required to match existing; extensive road testing and setting up completed; the car was returned to the owner in time for Christmas

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