Bentley Mk. VI 1947 - B397BG

Model:Mk. VI
Year of Manufacturer:1947
Chassis No.:B397BG
Coachwork:Harold Radford
Body Style:Countryman Saloon

December 2012 - recently acquired by the owner this Bentley is now undergoing preparation and major overhaul work for an upcoming tour in India; we are fitting a higher ratio rear axle for more comfortable touring, replacing joints, bushes, bearings and rubber components together with tracing and rectifying electrical faults; replacing tyres and balancing wheels; we shall also be stripping and completely rebuilding the braking system including all linkages, the servo, master cylinder and wheel cylinders; in addition we will also be overhauling the shock absorbers and suspension; finally we will install safety belts and a trip computer! Oh, and we almost forgot - she will also enjoy a full service!

February 2013 - all works carried out ready for the upcoming tour were completed on time but unfortunately, after 200+ miles of testing, unforeseen cooling issues have prevented this beautiful car taking part; fortunately the owner has another car to use; we are currently in the primary stages of upgrading the engine to the 4.9litre unit, but don’t worry the original engine is being removed and stored safely for the future!

July 2013 - the engine is now partially stripped, bottom end sludge traps have been removed and cleaned; big ends have been inspected for damage and excessive wear; head and top end overhauled and decarbed; engine block flushed and cleaned out, new water pump, new clutch and flywheel; starter motor stripped and tested; new dynamo; all aluminium engine castings have all been cleaned and treated; radiator recored and painted; engine block and head stripped and painted; all reassembled with new gaskets; all required parts have been plated and re-fitted; carburettors overhauled; engine has been fitted into the car and is currently having throttle geometry calculated and modified to suit

October 2013 - all engine components are finished and fitted; a new sporting, stainless steel exhaust manifold and down pipe have been fabricated and fitted; the radiator and grill shell have been refitted after painting the grill insert body colour; most setting and testing has been completed; the car has been on a maiden voyage to the north of England where it performed superbly, now back after this trip we will be able to re-torque the head and check all is as it should be before returning the car to its owner

November 2013 - currently receiving repairs to door veneers to preserve and improve

March 2014 - door Veneers now repaired and preserved for the coming years

Harold radford mk6 b397bg (1)
Harold radford mk6 b397bg (2)
Harold radford mk6 b397bg (3)
Harold radford mk6 b397bg (4)
Harold radford mk 6 b397bg (1)
Harold radford mk 6 b397bg (2)
Harold radford mk 6 b397bg (3)
Harold radford mk 6 b397bg (4)
Bentley 4.9 engine conv (1)
Bentley 4.9 engine conv (2)
9th july 2013 107
9th july 2013 108
9th july 2013 109 v2
Bentley b379bg (1)
Bentley b379bg (2)