Bentley S1 Continental BC40DJ

Model:S1 Continental
Year of Manufacturer:TBA
Chassis No.:BC40DJ
Body Style:TBA

This fine S1 is in our workshops for general servicing work plus the resetting of the rear springs and an overhaul to the bushes, dampers, etc.; we are also to test and repair the brakes as found necessary; on the bodywork there is some work also to be done to strip, repair and re-lacquer the wooden dash cappings

Latest Update:

April 2012 - woodwork cappings have been stripped, repaired and re-lacquered and are currently being fitted; brakes are awaiting their final setting and road testing

May 2012 - now finished and awaiting collection, looks superb!

November 2012 - this lovely Continental is back in the workshops now for some further work - a few routine checks and maintenance along with the fitting of new wheel bearings and kingpins

December 2012 - all complete and returned safely to a proud owner!

Bentley s1 continental (2)
Bentley s1 continental
Bentley bc40dj springs re fitted 0412
Bentley bc40dj woodwork fitted 0412
Bentlay continental s1 bc40dj 2
Bentley continental s1 bc40dj
Bentley continental s! bc40dj