Aston Martin DLB 533

Aston martin mkii (1)
Manufacturer:Aston Martin
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:TBA
Body Style:TBA

July 2012 - this lovely example of the MkII is in the workshops for her regular service and checks

September 2012 - brake drums have now been skimmed and the brake shoes re-lined; in addition to that the complete braking system has been stripped down, checked, cleaned and re-assembled; we are currently awaiting new hubs before re-building the wheels

October 2012 - the interior has now been stripped from the car; repairs have been made made to the seats which are now ready for re-trimming; the main body tub has also been paint stripped and cleaned

November 2012 - DLB533 is now ready for some repairs to the ash frame and a few structural additions which are required to rectify previous repairs

December 2012 - ash frame repairs now complete and ready for the addition of structural steelwork before re-panelling

February 2013 - the structural steel is now in place making the body rigid the way it should be; outer panels are currently being tig welded into place before the paintwork is started; chrome plating is also being attended to

July 2013 - all repairs to body panels have now been completed as has the chrome plating; the body has been shaped and painted in high gloss black; the interior has been fully re-trimmed to original specifications along with a new hood and tonneau cover; new wheels have been fabricated and fitted; a new bulkhead to the original specification has been manufactured and polished, the screen and some brightwork has been re-fitted; the engine detailing is almost complete and ready for reassembly; the new dashboard, wings and bonnet are currently in the final stages of painting

October 2013 - the interior trim is finished awaiting final fitment; engine components have all been finished and refitted; the exhaust has been wrapped in sporting heat insulation; the dashboard has been fitted as have all instruments; this lovely car has been test driven and we are now preparing to fit the wings and bonnet

March 2014 - continuing work now after a short break we are heading towards completion; we have now completed fitting of painted wings, bonnet, valance etc., all brightwork and fittings; the car has now completed 50 miles of road testing to iron out the usual post-restoration bugs; more road testing and fitment of trip computer is required before heading out on upcoming tours

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