Bentley 1936 B11HM

Model:4¼ litre Coupe
Year of Manufacture:1936
Chassis No.:B11HM
Coachwork:Van den Plas
Body Style:Coupe

This fascinating car is one of two made, its first owner was the famous Brookland’s racing driver Hugh Curling Hunter, Hugh has a room dedicated to him at the Brooklands Museum and this car won its first award, “The Motor Trophy” at the 1938 Eastbourne Concours. He owned eighty cars during his lifetime and was still driving an E Type, registration number, 150MPH in his eighties!

The car was located for a member of the family in America and Alpine Eagle commissioned to do the work. The photographs below show the state it was in and the transformation that has taken place. It was first in its class at Towcester in 2003 and it won the Masters’ Class in 2003.

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25th may 05 012
25th may 05 018
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