Bentley 1936 B90GA

9th july 2013 097
Year of Manufacture:1936
Chassis No.:B90GA
Coachwork:Veth & Zoon
Body Style:Coupe

This is the main restoration project that we are currently working on

This car is undergoing a cosmetic and mechanical restoration

At present we are stripping and re-building the rear axle and awaiting the clutch assembly to come back from machining

The body is painted and currently having mouldings fitted up before plating.

Latest Update:

March 2012 - The engine is now installed; running-board strips have been fabricated and fitted; the rear axle and suspension overhauled, rebuilt, repainted and refitted; we are currently awaiting chrome plating to be finished prior to commencing the trim work

April 2012 - Chrome plating taking longer than expected but due any day now, everything else coming together nicely now; watch out for some end of job images

May 2012 - A small batch of the plating has now been received;  the radiator shell is currently being re–built; new side flashes now fitted

June 2012 - All plating is now returned from the specialist and it is currently being assembled and fitted to the vehicle; window frames are in and are having patterns made for new glass

July 2012 - Most of the plating has now been re-assembled, the radiator shell has also been re-assembled and fitted to the vehicle; headlamps fitted and assembled; rear lamps fitted and awaiting wiring; hood nearing completion and interior trim work underway

September 2012 - B90GA's hood and red leather interior trim has now been completed (see the latest images below); wooden cappings and the dashboard are currently in the final stages of fabrication; windows are now fitted and sealed into place

October 2012 - Woodwork now all cut to length and veneered, currently awaiting lacquering and finishing; exterior lamps and horns have all been re-wired and tested; engraving and re-lettering back and ready to be fitted; many small component parts fitted; trim plates fabricated and fitted ready for chrome

November 2012 - B90GA's interior wood cappings have now been lacquered and are currently being flatted and polished (see the latest work in progress images below); all her lamps and external wiring are all now re-connected and have been successfully tested

December 2012 - most  of the wooden cappings are now fitted; instruments and illumination fitted and all connected; all preparations for primary start of the car now complete and she is running and nearly ready to drive!

February 2013 - all cappings are now fitted and the primary 30 mile test drive has been completed; currently the car is back in the paint shop receiving a few minor paint repairs and a final cut back and polish; as soon as the car is back we will finish the fine tuning and run the car in

July 2013 - the car is currently receiving some small detailing work and road testing

October 2013 - all parts and components have been re-fitted and the vehicle nas been returned to her very proud owner

Bentley b90ga 0212
B90 ga bentley (2)
B90 ga bentley
Bentley  b90 ga (3)
Bentley b90ga 0412
Bentley b90ga rad shell update
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Bentley veth b90ga
Veth bentley b90ga
Veth bentley b90ga (2)
Veth and zoon b90 ga (1)
Veth and zoon b90 ga (2)
Bentley b90ga i
Bentley b90ga
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