Bentley 1938 ‘Honeymoon Express’ B30MR

Model:4¼ litre "The Honeymoon Express"
Year of Manufacture:1938
Chassis No.:B30MR
Coachwork:Park Ward
Body Style:Sports Coupé

A two door sports coupé, Park Ward’s exhibit at the 1938 London Motor Show, finished in maroon with fawn leather.

Apparently Charlie Ward was very taken with the Mercedes 540K coupé and felt there was an opening for a high speed businessman’s express with extra large luggage carrying capacity, however no orders were received so only the one was built.

When the car appeared on the Park Ward stand in 1938 it acquired the title “The Honeymoon Express” because of the space behind the front seats for its luggage rather than passengers. It is reported the press named the car because there was only room for “two people and two toothbrushes”! The boot is fully taken up with the spare wheel.

The description in the Earls Court Motor Exhibition catalogue reads as follows:

“4¼ litre, 6 cylinder BENTLEY single coupé; coachwork by exhibitors, seating two, sunshine  roof; luggage accommodation behind seats; spare wheel in boot at rear; frameless glasses  with mechanical lifts; illuminated built-in number plate with reverse and stop lights; Triplex  glass throughout; tools in boot; cigar lighters; arm rests; electric backlight blind; wheel discs;  bumpers; fire extinguisher, etc.; upholstery in soft fawn leather; cellulose paintwork in  maroon.

Price, complete as shown, £1800; body only, £550”

After the 1938 Motor Show the car became the personal transport of the chairman of Park Ward and was used during World War II as the personal car of a London Rolls Royce dealer. During the war the original maroon paintwork was changed to camouflage. The car was later returned to Rolls to be repainted.

The car has now had a complete nut and bolt restoration to Concours standards.

Text credits: The 1938 / 1939 Overdrive Cars  by Mervyn Frankel & Ian Strang
                             Bentley, The Silent Sports Car  by Michael Ellman-Brown


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