Bentley - B29GP

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Model:4¼ litre
Year of Manufacture:1936
Chassis No.:B29GP
Coachwork:James Young
Body Style:DHC

February 2013 - newly acquired by the owner this stunning motorcar is with us for a full service MOT and safety check before the motoring season starts!

April 2013 - all serviced and checked and ready for the summer roads

March 2014 - now back with us for an exciting restoration! A car once owned by racing enthusiast and driver Prince Bira; we are delighted to be restoring the car to show condition; so far we have removed the trim, brightwork and all other interior parts; unfortunately the ash frame is in poor condition so will be requiring substantial repairs; currently we are stripping the old paint from the body in preparation for removing panels

May 2014 - all remaining paint has now been removed; the panels have been sectioned and cut into manageable sizes; all panels have now been chemically cleaned to remove any remaining corrosion and deposits in preparation for re-edging the panels; the engine and transmission have been removed in preparation for inspection and cleaning; all components within the chassis have been removed and stored safely; the Bijur one shot system has all been removed along with other pipe work and wiring; the chassis has been steam cleaned, prepared and painted; various removed parts have been overhauled, painted and refitted to the chassis; all chassis lubrication pipework has been pressure tested, replaced where required cleaned, polished and refitted along with new fuel pipes and ride control pipes; new wiring conduits have been fabricated and are awaiting fitment; the bulkhead has had all the unnecessary holes filled and is currently being refinished

December 2014 - currently mid-way through ash frame construction; front wings have had repair works carried out, re-edging and planishing  as needed; the majority of the chassis fittings have been stripped, assessed and overhauled as required; the gearbox is now awaiting fitment to the chassis along with various suspension parts and a nearly re-assembled rear axle; the front axle has been stripped and overhauled as required and is now refitted; the steering column has been stripped, repainted and re-chromed and is now awaiting fitment to chassis; the engine has been stripped, the block and head are currently being de-scaled before further assessments are completed

May 2015 - ash frame re-construction is now completed and has been returned to us; panelwork to door shuts, inner panels, boot apertures, etc. have all been completed; rear panels have been re-edged or re-made along with door skins; rear sections have been welded together and currently are being pinned to the ash frame; new rear inner wheel arches have been fabricated and fitted; gearbox and drivetrain have been refitted along with front and rear suspension components; the engine was found to be excessively worn and is now being re-worked and re-bored as necessary

​May 2016 - re-panelling of the body is now completed; a trial fit of all windows, hood frame, door fittings, etc. has been completed; all parts now stripped down and sent off for plating as required; new bumper brackets have been fabricated for the rear and the rear bumper blade repaired; the radiator and road wheels have been stripped and sent off for specialist overhaul; the engine has been re-white metalled and completely reworked back to factory specifications; now fully rebuilt and ready for starting preparations; the engine and gearbox are now refitted to the chassis; many engine ancillaries have been overhauled, refinished and refitted to the engine; chassis first fit electrics has been completed, the fuse box and switchbox have all been wired with correct marker beads and Ross Courtney terminals ready for testing; the wooden cappings have been set up, repaired where required and are now ready for lacquering; the body tub has been primed and some minor shape work completed and the painting process is starting

April 2017 - after some complications the car has now progressed through the paint process and is flatted and polished; finished in the eye catching Prince Bira Siamese racing blue B-29-GP is a real eye catcher; the body, chassis and engine wiring have all now been completed with just the front lights remaining to be connected; all windows, frames and body bright work have now been fitted and adjusted; the dashboard and original wooden cappings have all been refinished and repaired where necessary; the engine has been run for the first time since its total rebuild and purrs like a kitten - after all starting preparations were completed B-29-GP started on the first revolution of the engine and settled into a 500rpm smooth idle - a real testament to the Alpine Eagle team; the hood frame is all prepared and refitted, tool trays well underway for the complete tool kit; front valance, horns and associated hardware are all fitted and the road wheels are rebuilt and shot in period pattern rubber; currently we are finalising the position of the seats before the car begins the trim process; the front and rear wings will be fitted once the trim is complete to avoid any accidental damage; there is no doubt that B-29-GP will be an exceptional car!

August 2017 - having received a new hood, new carpet set and a complete re-trim the car returned to the main workshop for the front and rear wings to be fitted; remaining bright work followed along with details and wheel discs etc; we have completed our road testing programme and the vehicle is ready for the owner to continue the running-in process; we have a few tweaks still to make before the car will be ready for showing and touring

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