Bentley MR DHC 1939

Model:4¼ litre Derby
Year of Manufacture:1939
Chassis No.:MR DHC
Coachwork:Vanvooren (Paris)
Body Style:Drophead coupé

Without doubt the most beautiful, the rarest (the only one made) and most desirable of all Derby Bentleys, this magnificent 1939, 4¼ litre MR DHC by Vanvooren (Paris) was restored 12 years ago by Alpine Eagle.

Vanvooren were amongst the finest coachbuilders of all time in that they combined elegance, lightness, strength and build quality in a way that few, if any could equal. Alpine Eagle are dedicated to the re-creation of the work of these great masters and it is our sympathy for their highly individual style that makes us an ideal choice for this type of restoration.

The car was recently auctioned by Christies for what may have been the highest price ever for a Derby Bentley. Alpine Eagle had been asked to give it a thorough inspection and service in preparation for its new owner.

Hsu490 front
Hsu490 back
Hsu490 side