Bentley S1 Continental - BC5DJ

Bc5dj (2) (800x600)
Model:S1 Continental
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:BC5DJ
Coachwork:Park Ward
Body Style:2 door saloon

Latest Update:

October 2013 - arrived with us this month, the car is in for various restoration work; the interior wooden cappings have been removed and are already receiving repairs where required before re-veneering and re-finishing; the interior has been completely stripped and labelled ready for re-trimming; the exterior has been paint stripped and  taken back to bare aluminium ready to receive body work repairs in preparation for paintwork to begin; all glass has been removed and new front and rear screens commissioned; all the bright work is being assessed and repaired as required before being sent for re-chroming

November 2013 - urrently receiving repairs to body panels as required; instruments are away being overhauled and cleaned as required; interior woodwork is progressing nicely; engine and gearbox have been removed and the engine is currently being dismantled and cleaned before assessing; the engine bay and steering/suspension components have been de-greased and cleaned for inspection

March 2014 - engine has been stripped, cleaned, checked and all works required carried out, painted, all gaskets renewed, all required parts re-plated and now In the final stages of reassembly; extensive body and panel repairs have been completed; primary batch of plating has been returned and re-assembled ready for ref-itting; the braking system and engine bay have been completely stripped; all components overhauled if required and re-painted ready for re-fitting; chassis legs have been stripped, cleaned and painted; wooden cappings are in the final stages of lacquering after extensive repairs and re-veneering; the car is now in the paint shop in the early stages of paint preparation

May 2014 - bodywork is now nearing completion; all panels have been fitted and gapped; the whole car has been shaped and tweaked to obtain correct and straight lines throughout; the engine bay has been reassembled and all removed parts cleaned, overhauled where required, painted and fitted; the engine has been reinstalled along with the transmission and ancillaries have started to be refitted; the car has now been graded and door shuts, boot and internal faces have been painted in colour; the car is currently being masked-up for top coat and lacquer

December 2014 - now completed after paintwork, the efitting of all components, complete interior and boot re-trim in the finest Vaulmol leather and Wilton carpets! New glass screens all round together with new seals; all brightwork refinished and refitted. Having covered some 50 or so miles test driving we are pleased that BC-5-DJ is now reunited  with owner ready to be driven

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