Jaguar ‘E’ Type

Manufacturer:Jaguar GPM 707L
Model:'E' Type
Year of Manufacture:1973

October 2012 - currently undergoing a gentle re-commissioning from a sleepy hibernation for a valued client; work including full service, carburettor overhauls, replacement of cooling hoses, fuel lines and vacuum tubes, repairs to floors, new brakes bearings and bushes, paintwork rejuvenation etc.

December 2012 - new bearings, brakes and bushes now fitted; driver's side floor pan now removed and awaiting replacement

February 2013 - driver's floor pan is now in place and 90% finished

July 2013 - new floor pans fitted to both driver's and passenger sides, and all further rust repairs rectified; radius arms re-bushed; new rear brakes; new brake and fuel lines; newly sound deadened and insulated; all new carpets and trim; seat belts replaced; seats and vinyl cleaned and leather re-coloured; now in the final stages of work before a new MOT is applied for!

October 2013 - all the interior has been refitted and finished; the engine has received a new HE ignition system upgrade for reliability; plenty of test driving and minor 'tweaking'; she has finally been MOT'ed and taxed and is ready for a rolling road tuning session

March 2014 - all work now completed; rolling-road tuning carried out; car now returned to owner and driving well

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