Jaguar E-Type Series 1 GRT100

March 15
Model:E-Type Series 1
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:Reg. GRT100
Body Style:Coupe

Latest Update:

May 2015 - currently with us for a complete repaint, panelwork rectification and general factory level detailing; the paint has all been removed to reveal the extent of repairs required to the body; the interior and brightwork has been removed and assessed; the dashboard and instruments have been removed for recovering; the engine bay has been stripped ready for engine and gearbox removal

​May 2016 - the engine, gearbox, front suspension and steering have all been removed; the engine frame removed and media cleaned; the bulkhead completely stripped and body assessed; the body then had extensive repairs including bulkhead panels, one floor pan, outer sills and repairs to older attempts; the body then had the interior, bulkhead and engine frame painted in the cars original opalescent silver blue colour; the engine meanwhile has had all ancillaries removed, stripped, assessed and refinished as original; he engine itself was subjected to refinishing in the original colour scheme and style; all the suspension components have been refinished or renewed as per original; the front engine cradle and suspension were then refitted to the body along with the steering, hubs, etc.; the engine and gearbox were then refitted together with bulkhead fittings, ancillaries and pipework; a new wiring loom has been installed ready for connection to the dashboard; the petrol tank fitted etc.; the bonnet and doors have been repaired as required and aligned with the body and gaps set accordingly; currently the car is in the paint process before returning to us for completion

December 2016 - after many hours of hard work GRT100 was finished in original livery of opalescent silver blue; the time was then taken to obtain correct finishes for all components to ensure the car was as close to factory original as possible; all bright work, glass, lamps etc .have been carefully re-fitted to the body; the recovered dashboard refitted, instruments and switch gear installed; a new wiring loom connected and tested; the engine has had all ancillaries finished and connected; we have run and briefly driven GRT100 around to ensure correct operation of components; currently GRT100 is with the owners E-type specialist trimmer having a hand made interior fitted along with an MOT test, primary road testing and shake down; w expect GRT100 back in due course for any rectification work required and of course a complimentary service

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