Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental 26EX

Manufacturer:Rolls Royce
Model:Phantom II Continental
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:26EX
Body Style:4 door 4 light saloon

Chassis 26EX - the prototype Phantom II Continental built for the personal use of Sir Henry Royce.

26EX is one of the company's most important cars; Rolls Royce had made a number of short chassis PII’s to special order and design engineer Ivan Evernden was convinced that R-R should have sporting car in the catalogue. He had approached Conduit Street (London Showroom and Sales Office) to try to persuade them that they should order it but they were not keen - so he talked Sir Henry into it!

Thus was 26EX created and Barker, in conjunction with R-R, designed the beautiful and lightweight body and it was painted with a pearlescent finish. It may have been the first!

Imitation pearls were painted with a clear lacquer, some colouring and ground-up fish scales and this was the method chosen by Evernden to paint 26EX. The appearance was striking and the prototype, Rolls Royce Continental PII arrived to a blaze of publicity.

It was the company’s first sporting car since the London to Edinburgh cars of the Edwardian era.

As can be seen from the images below Alpine Eagle completely rebuilt the car to original condition.

Before and after photos of 26EX from when it arrived in our workshops to the completed car:

26EX-P2.2_2.jpg   26EX-P2.52.jpg

26EX-P2.42.jpg   26EX-P2.62.jpg


26EX-P2.72.jpg   26EX-P2.82.jpg

26EX-P2.102.jpg   26EX-P2.112.jpg