Rolls Royce Phantom IV 4AF12

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Manufacturer:Rolls Royce
Model:Phantom IV
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:4AF12

Latest Update:

May 2015 - we are excited to announce that this incredibly rare car has arrived with us for completion of a Pebble Beach level restoration; so far we have nearly completed the re-assembly and detail of the 8 cylinder engine, fitted it along with the automatic gearbox into the chassis; we have the primary basic wiring and pipework fitted into the chassis; the bulkhead is currently being re-finished; the paint applied to the body has been removed as there were some issues with adhesion and panel gaps; the body has been refitted to the chassis; we have now reworked panels and repaired body splits to obtain consistent panel gaps and allow body mouldings to run through in-line; unnecessary holes have been filled; the bulk of the chrome flashes and window frames have been fitted and adjusted as required; currently the car is being prepared to head to our paint shop for body refinishing

​May 2016 - a huge amount of work has now been completed to this car over the last few months; the front end bodywork was found to be a terrible fit so major adjustments and shape work were required to improve this; the brightwork has almost all been re-chromed now with the final couple of batches heading out shortly; the bulkhead and many of its fittings are now fitted and ready to be set up; a completely new petrol tank has been fabricated as the old was in poor condition; the majority of the chassis work is now completed and the wiring has been run to appropriate places ready to connect; the chassis fuse box and junction boxes have now been connected; the switchbox is currently being re-engraved before refinishing; the engine has been set up and run for a few minutes, now requiring fine tuning and setting up for driving; the missing gearbox linkages have been replaced and set up as required; the front floors have been refinished and re-felted as per original; the dashboard and instrument brackets have now been trial fitted and the dashboard and various other pieces of cappings are being refinished; the handbrake and brake reservoir assembly have now been reassembled and fitted to the car; the car has been repainted in its original blue colour as matched from the paint on the inside of the wheel rims; currently we are identifying body electrics and making them work as they should, fitting windows and starting to fit brightwork

March 2017 - The body has now been fully painted; rear wings painted and witted with wing beading; the boot and small panels have also been fitted; we are currently awaiting the front wings, bonnet and valance to return from the paint shop, they are due imminently; the interior wood work has been flawlessly refinished; the front compartment has been fully re-trimmed as per the Hooper factory records; the dash board and complicated heating system installed; all body wiring is now completed; the electric division assembly has been made to work correctly and now incorporates a lock out system so not to damage the motor; hidden speakers have been fitted into the division as original; the occasional seats have been stripped, repaired and re-chromed where required; new covers have been made and hand sewn into place; new carpets and headlining throughout have been made; the rear arm rests have been remade and recovered in West of England cloth as per original; the rear seats have been stripped and rebuilt where required; now refitted the car is looking exceptionally lavish inside; all the wooden cappings have been fitted, all interior bright work windows seals etc are now fitted; a new flagstaff and shield mount has been fabricated from original line drawings; the boot has been completely re-trimmed and attention paid to ensuring the rear blind operates electrically as intended; both of the original radio units within the car have been re-manufactured and restored; we now have a complete set of small and large tools for the finishing touch; we expect the car to be on road test in the next 2 weeks, exciting news!

August 2017 - with all the wings re-fitted and associated parts on we completed out test programme for the car; minor tweaks and post restoration details sorted ,4-AF-12 was cleaned from top to bottom ready for inspection, with hand painted coach line and monogram being the finishing touches; now back with the owner's impressive collection we expect to see the car at shows shortly

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