Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

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Manufacturer:Rolls Royce
Model:Silver Dawn
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:TBA
Body Style:Standard Steel saloon

Latest Update:

May 2015 - currently with us for a complete repaint to original colours along with a re-trim; currently the car is completely stripped of brightwork and interior; the engine has been removed and the front of the chassis has been cleaned, paint stripped and repainted in the correct finish along with suspension and steering components; the bulkhead has been stripped and refinished prior to refitting of various components; minor bodywork repairs and general alignment is now complete and the car will be heading to the body shop to begin the painting process shortly

​May 2016 - bodywork completed and fully aligned; now completely repainted, some chrome parts refinished along with a refinish of the road wheels; the engine has been refinished along with ancillaries to original specifications and refitted to the chassis; the brakes have been inspected and full linkage set up and adjustment completed; many parts of the brightwork have now been refitted; the lamps have all now been fitted and rewired as required; the car is now awaiting fitment of a new headlining and completing the re trim; the front seats have been re trimmed along with the rear armrests ready for refitting

December 2016 - all mechanical, electrical and bright-work components painstakingly refitted and adjusted; the trim work has been completed to an exceptional standard and all now refitted; the car looks superb in its original factory supplied colours and the very best surface dyed leather as original; we have completed our road testing programme and the car was returned to her owner in time for Christmas for final shake down runs and running in; we expect the car back in the not too distant future for a complimentary service, tune up and check-over

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