Rolls Royce Silver Ghost - 97AE

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Manufacturer:Rolls Royce
Model:Silver Ghost
Year of Manufacture:1920
Chassis No.:97AE
Coachwork:Cunard Motor Company
Body Style:Tourer

Latest Update:

October 2013 - 97AE has been driven from her home to our workshops to have her interior trim rectified and re-upholstered, work will be commencing shortly

November 2013 - the front seat arrangement has been stripped and area cleaned for a fresh start; various modifications including Auster screen stowage and the seat shape have been altered to gain room and comfort; spring frame fabrication is currently underway

March 2014 - All trim related work now completed including full sprung front and rear seats trimmed in the traditional manner, rear seat moved and re-shaped to gain extra legroom and width; new rear storage arrangement for side screens; lockable storage boxes incorporated; new over-mat for the front and new rear carpets have been made and fitted; some alterations to the tonneau cover to suit the new seats; skirt fabricated and fitted to the Auster screen to keep the passengers a little drier! Currently we are just completing a few small mechanical jobs before she will be heading home

May 2014 - now returned to the delighted owner who is using the car on various 20-Ghost Club and other events

Rolls royce ghost 97ae
Rolls royce silver ghost 97ae
Rolls royce silver ghost 97ae (2)
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