Our aim at Alpine Eagle is to provide the vintage and classic car enthusiasts with all the necessary services and advice to keep your car in the best possible condition.


Although we specialise in the concours restoration of pre-war Rolls Royce and  Bentley motorcars we are able and happy to turn our hand to other marques. 

Our restoration and servicing work is carried out to the highest standards and specifications.

We ensure any job no matter how small receives the same amount of attention and detailing as a full concours restoration.

We offer a complete range of services which we carry out within our premises with no compromise on quality.



- Complete engine re-builds and repairs - we love PII engines and we've rebuilt quite  few in our time!

- Corroded bodywork repaired  or replaced

Before_-_Bodywork.jpg   After_-_Bodywork.jpg


- Panel work remade, repaired, reshaped and, if necessary, new wood frames or  repairs as required      

Wood_Veneer_hand_done_as_new.jpg- Wood veneer hand restored and replaced as new. We completely remake and  veneer all internal woodwork if necessary, or restore if appropriate, before lacquering

- Highest quality, period leatherwork; all re-trimming is done as it was by the  original coachbuilders and using identical materials  

Upholstery:Leatherwork.JPG   Upholstery:Leatherwork2.JPG


Resilvering_of_Lights_and_Chromework.jpg Re-silvering of lights and chromework





Re-wiring and lamp restoration to original specifications and the rebuilding of all electrical components





All brass and copper parts restored or replaced as necessary; we can obtain almost  anything, and if we can’t, we make it!  




- Multi-coat hand spraying; we have our own paint shop where a great many more  hours than is normal are spent to achieve as perfect a finish as possible




All_trim_restored_to_manual_specifications.jpg- All trim is restored to manual specifications; ‘fitting-up’ is time consuming but is a  crucial part of the overall result and requires extraordinary care to achieve the highest standards





- Woodwork preservation





- Carpet binding requires great skill 





- Turning hand made parts