Bentley - B-171-MX

September 2016 053 (1024x768)
Model:4¼ litre
Year of Manufacture:1939
Chassis No.:B-171-MX
Coachwork:Alpine Eagle
Body Style:Vanvooren style, 2 door drophead coupe

Overview - May 2017 - another exciting project into the Alpine Eagle workshop, this chassis is another barn-find discovery; repatriated back to the UK from Canada in 2016, B-171-MX was acquired after some short negotiations by the current owner; amazingly the engine oil was changed, a new set of plugs fitted, a few tweaks and some fresh petrol the engine fired up, a little smokey so the decision was made to remove the head to inspect the condition of the engine; needless to say the engine has now been completely stripped and cleaned and is now at the machine shop awaiting the works for a complete overhaul; the decision has been made to completely restore the chassis to concourse standards and have us build a 2 door drop head coupe in the style of Vanvooren; the chassis has been completely stripped of pipes, fittings, drive train etc. and is currently 'bare bones'; the shock absorbers have been stripped and fully rebuilt along with a few other chassis components; whilst this has been happening the chassis has been paint stripped and cleaned by hand until every last piece of paint and surface corrosion has been removed; the chassis has so far received several coats of paint with flatting between coats for a smooth finish; the brake equalizers and cross shafts etc. have been stripped, cleaned, reassembled and repainted; and very shortly they will be refitted to the chassis!

August 2017 - the chassis paintwork is now completed; various cross members have been re-fitted; the road wheels are away being rebuilt; the front axle has been removed, one shot and lubrication system removed; it has also been paint stripped and refinished in black; new kingpins, steering joints brake shaft return springs and shafts have all been fitted and set; the front springs have been stripped, cleaned, re-bushed and reset and are re-fitted to the chassis; the front axle has been re-fitted to the chassis and is awaiting brake shoes before setting and fitting hubs; the engine bottom end is now back from the machine shop having had new white metal bearings fitted and line bored; all balanced and awaiting assembly

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