Rolls Royce 25/30

15th june 2016 065 (1024x768)
Manufacturer:Rolls Royce
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:TBA
Coachwork:Gurney Nutting
Body Style:3 position drophead coupe

May 2017 - another exciting project for the Alpine Eagle team which we are due to begin shortly; this delightfully handsome 25/30 has been resting peacefully in a garage for the last few years; the car is remarkably sound and mechanically very good and we will be recommissioning the car and testing to ensure reliability; we will be carrying out a body and cosmetic restoration to the remainder of the car

15th june 2016 066 (1024x768)
15th june 2016 071 (1024x768)
15th june 2016 073 (1024x768)
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