Rolls Royce Phantom III - 3-BT-103

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Manufacturer:Rolls Royce
Model:Phantom III
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:3-BT-103
Coachwork:H J Mulliner
Body Style:Sedanca Coupe

Overview - May 2017 - an exciting new project for the team here at Alpine Eagle, arriving with us shortly after Christmas 2015, this true and one of the last important barn finds is about to receive an exacting restoration which the car undoubtedly deserves; 3-BT-103 is fitted with its original stunning two door coachwork by H. J Mulliner; located in England this car has been barn stored for the best part of 40 years; astonishingly the body work and panel work seem in remarkable condition; whist the engine was dissembled and spread around we have used our extensive knowledge to locate all parts but a few nuts and bolts; we have already begun work dry assembling the engine to see what other parts may be missing and we are happy that the engine is complete and have now started the pulling down procedure to begin machine work; the body has also started to receive attention in the way of paint removal and so far the only damage found is a small dent on the rear!

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