Rolls Royce Phantom III 3-AX-59

Piii carburettor renewal (2)
Manufacturer:Rolls Royce
Model:Phantom III
Year of Manufacture:TBA
Chassis No.:3-AX-59

Latest Update:

May 2016 - new to us, this car is here for replacement of the carburettor as the incorrect unit has been previously fitted; fitting of drains to the sedanca roof and renewal of the headlining

April 2017 - now back with us under new ownership 3-AX-59 has been undergoing some major chassis works along with minor mechanical works; over the last few months 3-AX-59 has been subjected to a complete front and rear suspension and steering joint overhaul including kingpins etc.; the non original carburettor has been removed and replaced with an original type carburettor and rebuilt with a new float chamber; 3-AX-59's engine has had the sludge traps stripped and cleaned out along with the sump and associated parts; the exhaust reset; new engine and gearbox mounts and various other mounts and drives replaced; the engine vibration damper has been overhauled and re-faced along with a full service and a fresh set of tyres; only in recent days have we been able to get out on the road to carry out tuning; the car is running well and will hopefully be out on tours and at events very shortly

August 2017 - having completed a few tours with the delighted owner we have improved the car mechanically by fitting a new clutch amongst other items; 3-AX-59 was then taken to the Annual RREC main rally at Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire  on 23rd June where the car was awarded 2 winning rosettes within the Class and also the Chairman's choice of car for the show; back with us now for cosmetic improvements and to re-build all the road wheels

Piii carburettor renewal (1)
Piii carburettor renewal (3)
Piii carburettor replacement old unit
Piii headlining renewal (1)
Piii headlining renewal
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3 ax 59 show (1)
3 ax 59 show